Implementation is always the most difficult and time-consuming part of installing a new WFM system. We will work closely with you to map out your business structure, set up the system specific to your operational needs while ensuring a smooth and timely roll-out.


Forecasting is indeed an art, not a science. Our experienced team of forecasters with over 30 years of industry knowledge and experience can get you started by analyzing your call volume and handle time history. Upon setup, we will complete initial testing of all system settings and position you to begin the forecasting process. You will also have the benefit of helpful industry-wide & user-learned tips and techniques.


Upon completion of an actual forecast, scheduling your resources to optimize placement against your demand is essential. Our focus minimizes cost while simultaneously maximizing performance.

Real Time Adherence

Real Time Adherence monitoring provides invaluable assistance in running your call center. The schedules were generated to provide optimal coverage against your forecast. When agents are not working their schedule as given, recognizing and correcting the issue is extremely important to maintaining your desired service level goal.

Capacity Planning

Understanding staff turnover and how it impacts your operation is important. Capacity planning allows you to get ahead of those trends through in-depth analysis of historical attrition patterns coupled with a forecast outlook that provides targeted hiring recommendations tailored to your operational, training and budgetary requirements.

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